Forehand Family Photos

Forehand Family Photos

Gallary of Family Pictures

Philip Forehand

BIRTH APR 1846 • Holmes County, Florida, USA

DEATH 12/23/1927 • Phenix City, Lee, Alabama, USA (Son of James M. Forehand)

Daughters: Cathy & Mollie

Louisa Harriet Lolley



Epsie Perry Lee Holly

BIRTH 9 APR 1859 • Vernon, Washington, Florida, United States

DEATH 5 AUG 1916 • Holmes, Florida, United States (Jonce Forehand's first wife)

Lucretia Caroline Forehand

BIRTH 1855 • HolmesCounty, Florida, United States

DEATH 1927 • Holmes, Florida, United States (James M. Forehand's Daughter.

Randal Fulford’s son Randolph Marion “Randal” Fulford, 12 Aug 1878 to 1938. Source: 

Sharon D. Marsh- Fulford Family Research- Marsh (2018) stated: information on Randal and Mary Susan’s children from Ruth Watford.

Thomas Aaron Forehand

BIRTH DECEMBER 25, 1860 • Bonifay, Holmes County, Florida, USA

DEATH DECEMBER 27, 1928 • Holmes, Florida, United States (Son of James M. Forehand).

Jonce Albert "Johnson" Forehand

BIRTH 9 MAR 1848 • Holmes County, Florida

DEATH 19 OCT 1939 • Holmes County, Florida

Jonce Forehand

Philip Forehand

Lewis Forehand     Ruel Forehand     John Forehand    Jim Campbell Butler     Rob Forehand

Aaron Forehand     John Butler     Bill Hagan     Randall Forehand


Ruel Elijah Forehand

BIRTH 11 SEP 1887 • Holmes County, Florida, USA

DEATH 11 JAN 1957 • Panama City, Bay, Florida, USA

Ona Elizabeth Dollie Pitts

BIRTH 7 JAN 1890

DEATH 3-27-1981 • Panama City, Bay, Florida, United States

Ruel & Dollie (Falmer Hiding under the truck)

Dollie Pitts Forehand

Ruel, Docia, Dollie, Bea, Falmer Forehand

Burlie Forehand

BIRTH 28 JAN 1921 • Bonifay, Holmes Co., FL

DEATH 30 JUN 2012 • Bay County, Florida

Ervin Glen & Ira Forehand

Ervin Forehand

Dorothy Redd and two sons: Glen & Ira Forehand

Glen Forehand

Glen & Ira Forehand

Ira, Glen, & Wayne (baby)

Ira, Dorothy, Ervin, & Glen

Dollie, Ira, & Janice Whitfield Forehand

Glen Forehand

Docia Forehand

Glen, Ervin, Ira, & baby Wayne Forehand

Glen & Ervin Forehand

Glen, Ira, & Ervin

Kere & Linda Taunton Forehand

Janice, Tammy, & Ira Forehand

Ervin and Keyahnee Forehand (Glen's Granddaughter)

Glen & Kere Forehand

Ervin Glen Forehand

BIRTH 14 APR 1947 • Wewahitchka, Gulf, Florida, USA

DEATH 05 MAR 1991 • Port Saint Joe, Gulf County, Florida, USA

John Simeroth & Steve Forehand

Steve & John

Steven Glen Forehand

Jesup, GA around 1974

Christopher Glen, Glen, & Kere

Glen in the U.S. Army (Germany)

Glen and Ira

Glen and Ira

Ira and Glen

Ira, Dorothy, Ervin, and Glen

Ira, Dorothy, and Glen

Dollie in Chicago, Ill

Ruel and Dollie

Falmer Forehand, who served in the US Navy during WW II, was born in 1925 and died in NOV 2000. He worked as a boilermaker (retired 1987) and also enjoyed working with his bees that made wonderful tupelo honey. He and  wife Onita (Price) Forehand had three children-- Earl, Evelyn and Debbie.

Steve, Juliahnah, & Keyahnee Forehand at the Dead Lakes, Wewahitchka, FL.

Steve Forehand around 2006 in Charleston, SC.