South Carolina Forehand Family History


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Subject: Elusive SC Forehands

Date: Sat, 07 Aug 1999 09:52:05 -0400

Here is the info I compiled from

Richard G. Gibson <>

and Mary Romano <>:

1) John Forehand (in Fort Depot AL by 1833, married twice)

2) Amdie Forehand

+David Hill

2) Jeremiah Forehand

+Catherine Jane Boddie (daughter of Wm. Boddie from SC)

(m. 1847)

3) William J. Forehand

+Dona or Dora ?

2) Elizabeth Forehand

2) Nancy Forehand

2) Katherine Forehand

+James Numan of Autauga County, AL

2) John Forehand

2) Oaky Forehand

2) Anna Forehand

Questions I asked Richard & Mary:

Do you have any dates on John Forehand (father to Jeremiah)... seems he

must have been born in the same approximate time frame as James,

Jeremiah, Palmer & Stephen (see below)...

Do you know if John was from SC?

Is Oaky a Male or Female?

Do you have any dates on the above lineage or other details


I believe these Forehands are connected to an elusive branch of

Forehands who I am attempting to puzzel out...

I have several Forehands who seem to have originated in SC in the late

1700's/very early 1800's:

First, on the 1820 SC Census I found a Jos. FOREHANDS in Sumpter County

(Page 103 1/2)

1 Male 26-45 (b. circa 1775-1787*) This is Jos. Forehand.

1 Male Age 16-26 (b. circa 1794-1805) possibly Jeremiah or Palmer below

1 Female Age 16-26 (b. circa 1794-1805)

3 Females up to Age 10 (b. 1810 or after)

(apparently the wife is not in the household... dead?)

(*we can assume that Jos. was born at least before 1787 because he has

two children 16 or over)

1) James Forehand (b. abt. 1790 SC) This line goes to FL. On the 1820 SC

Census I found a James FOREHANDS in Sumter County (Page 103).

2) Jeremiah Forehand (b. abt. 1795 in SC) This line goes to FL.

3) Palmer Forehand (probably b. before 1802)

A William Forehand was listed on the 1850 Monroe County AL Census as

being born 1822 in SC... listed on the same census as living next to him

was Isaac Forehand listed as being born 1825 AL. It is thought that the

father to Isaac Forehand was Palmer Forehand who first acquired land in

AL in 1834 (Palmer Forehand, Date: Aug. 12, 1834, 80.025 Acres, Doc:


If William and Isaac were brothers and Palmer was their father, that

places Palmer Forehand in SC in 1822 and in AL in 1825.

OR the father could have been Jos. Forehands.

4) Stephen Forehand (probably b. bef. 1819... On the 1830 SC Census

there's a Stephen FOREHAND in Sumter County (Roll 172, Pg. 060). Then a

Stephen FOREHAND shows up on the 1840 Alabama Census in Barbour County

(Roll 1, Pg. 060). Stephen is thought to be the father to Jesse

Forehand (b. 1839 in AL). Stephen's father could have been any of the

above Forehands.

And now this info on John Forehand whose son, Jeremiah, married

Catherine Boddie who was from SC.

Any thoughts? Kathleen

P.S. I may be away from my computer for a few days.

Lambert Forehand not the son of Jarvis Forehand?

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Re: Lambert Forehand not the son of Jarvis Forehand?

Catherine Hannan (View posts)

Posted:30 May 2004 12:38AM GMT

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Surnames: Forehand Stewart Cartwright Deal Hinton Richardson

Anthony Forehand in Charlston c. 1752-61 as a Carver !!! My grandfather was a Master Carpenter so I know that it takes many years to acquire skill in that area of woodworking. I would think that Anthony would have had many years of experience behind him before a Church would have trusted him. I'd think he would have had to have been at the very least 20 years old to have been employed as such, putting his birth date closer to our earlier estimates somewhere between 1732 - 1740. He could be one of our Anthonys!

Do you know of the LDS listing of the marriage of a "Mrs." Forehand to a Thomas Stewart on 2 Sep 1768 in Charles Town SC. There is a very good possiblity that Mrs. Forehand was once married to Anthony. The date of marriage is only a few months short of the date given for Anthony's death in Pensacola. i.e. Jan 1769.

I have several early male Forehands listed for SC. Mostly in the Sumter District of Charleston. All were born after 1750. My data for SC if really weak on sources and may not be all that accurate. I don't know how most of these guys are related. They all seem to suffer from the wander bug syndrome however.

The following are approximate birth dates based mostly on named males in the early Census and a composite of other sources which may or may not be reliable.

1755-69 Phillip and/or James Forehand d. or left after 1830

1775-94 Joseph Forehand d.aft. 1830? [In 1830 Monroe GA Census]

1776-08 David Forehand d. 1831-68 married Rhoda Palmer b. 1791-1813 Newberry City SC d. 1832-86. They were married 1 Jun 1828 in Wayne Co. IN

1780 Palmer Forehand d. 6 Apr 1855 Monroe Co. AL m. Cynthia Donnelly b. 1790-1800 SC d. 1 Nov 1871 Monroe Co. AL

1788-90 James Forehand d. aft. 1828 bef. 1870 FL m. Sarah Jones and Betsy Johnson [Betsy's parents were from Dobbs Co. NC]

1795 Jeremiah Forehand d. bef. 1860 Pulaski GA.

1804-05 S. M. or Steven Forehand d. 26 Dec 1881 AL m. Martha Unknown, Jane Brown and Elizabeth Unknown.

1822 William Forehand d. ? m. 25 Dec 1837 Elizabeth Unknown in Monroe GA

I'm curious. Does your family line claim Native American ancestry? Mine does, and I believe it to tie into the Daniel III or Anthony line. It just occured to me that descendants of at least 2 of these South Carolina Forehand lines claim Native American lineage. Could Anthony be our common denominator?

On Parthenia, the evidence is strong circumstantial. In the Pasq. 1850 Census a Parthenia Cartwright, age 60, lives in the residence of Noah and Eliza Deal, and she is neighbor to William Smith Hinton, age 50, son of William Smith Hinton that was guardian heir to Parthenia Forehand. If this is the same Parthenia, then you have a year of birth of 1790. And we might also have a location for where she and her siblings lived. Read on . . .

William Smith Hinton was born 10 Nov 1722 New York, NY d. 23 Dec 1827 Pasq. Co. NC. William married Polly Richardson on 5 Jan 1797. Polly was b. 26 Nov 1779 Pasq Co. d. 10 Dec 1937 Pasq. Co. William and Polly were married by Ebenizer Sawyer Esq at the house of Mary Richardson located at the Forks of the road one mile from River Bridge, Pasq. Co. NC.

I think I know where that is at! Enough for now.